L . R . V
Loulwa Renouard de Vallière


Loulwa Renouard de Vallière is half french and japanese. Born on the 29th of November 1999, she is about to do her last year of high school in Monaco.
Loulwa Renouard de Vallière wishes to work in the fashion industry as a fashion designer.

Since her youngest age, with her father, Pascal Renouard de Vallière, Loulwa frequents the most beautiful luxury hotels in Paris, attends major events, and got the chance to meet very important and inspiring figures. All these experiences and all these beautiful things she saw around her, have created in her this taste for luxury and this passion for fashion.
“I love pretty things and quality things, good places, although I am not superficial at all.”

It is during her first time in Paris Fashion Week that she knew she really wanted to belong to this world.
“Fashion fascinates me a lot, particularly Haute Couture which is synonym of luxury and elegance for me.”
Her doctrine amounts to the elegance. She sincerely believes that a woman has to be an image of elegance and that elegance can be a source of self-confidence.

It is finally at sixteen years old that she decides to do her blog.
This blog allows her to share tips, trends, her impressions and to do already something she loves.