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In my article about my daily make up, I said that I was using for my eyebrows the “volumizing gel eyebrow” of Benefit, and I also said that it was the only product I have ever used for my eyebrows.
However a few weeks ago, I was doing a tour at Sephora, and a woman working for Benefit intercepted me to make me try one of their product for the eyebrows. It was fortunate because I wanted to try something else than my usual product. She then showed me the eyebrow pencil « goof proof ». I was convinced so I bought it.
It is definitely better than my old product ! It is much easier to draw the shape of the eyebrow, and the texture is much softer.

I bought the kit. It is really not expensive and it contains everything you need for perfect brows.



The eyebrow pencil is good for easy and fast filling of the eyebrows. It makes beautiful brows and it stays well. The spoolie-brush helps to blend, which gives natural eyebrows.



 Apply the brow highlighter pencil under your brow following the arch. You have to blend a bit for a visible lift.
It gives a « younger and brighter » look.



The clear brow gel allows to fix eyebrows for 24 hours. It is easy to apply and dries quickly.


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