Meeting with Donatella Versace : a memorable moment


After New York, London, Milano, it is Paris Fashion Week. By that, I would like to tell you a bit about my greatest memory at Paris Fashion Week.


Two years ago, I had the chance and the pleasure to meet the famous Donatella Versace, mistress of one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world.
It was my first time at Paris Fashion Week in July 2014. My father and I were accompanying Jennifer Lopez at the Atelier Versace show.

As soon as the show started, I was impressed. The chandeliers were almost shaking because of the loud sound. Besides, the first music was « Gigante » by the Binary Cumbia Orchestra. The perfect music to start a show. Then there was a crowd of photographers who were constantly taking pictures while the highly professional models were walking the catwalk in Haute Couture outfits. It was just extraordinary. The creations were amazing.

At the end of the finale, when Donatella came to greet, we quickly walked to a private room. There were of course Jennifer Lopez and her team, Allegra Versace, Donatella, then some other people including Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue Italy, that I greatly admire.
It was a sort of photoshoot for the queen of the dance floor.
I wanted a picture with Donatella as she is a person who inspires me a lot, so my father accompanied me. She agreed very kindly. When the photographer was about to take the picture, she suddenly stopped him, looked at me and asked me my name. Following my answer, she shook my hand and said « Nice to meet you. I am Donatella Versace ». Then we took the photo and she thanked me. This moment still remains in my mind.


Donatella Versace is a very caring and mysterious woman. She exudes such power, that I would not be able to describe.

The fashion world is a world known to be quite inhuman. I even read some books where I discovered that some important figures of this field are very strict and even cruel. In spite of that, I really appreciated the fact that Donatella has shown a really good image of her, and to discover a very kind person. She gave me an other vision of this fashion world.

    img_3399      img_3401

For the curious and maybe fans of Jennifer Lopez, Jlo is very friendly and funny. She is also a beautiful woman.
I had the opportunity to have dinner with her and her team at the Italian restaurant Le Grand Venise, where I shared a very pleasant and friendly moment. She is also very well surrounded and his manager is awesome.


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