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The Cantonese restaurant Lili is located in the beautiful and luxurious Peninsula Hotel in Paris.
The cuisine of Lili is absolutely wonderful. This is the best Chinese restaurant I have ever been to.
Besides the food is divine, the place is beautiful. The decor is very successful.

In the photos, you only see peking duck, which is very good ! But all the other things I’ve tasted were delicious.

Really, this is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Europe, and it does not surprise me.

If you want to have dinner in a gourmet Chinese restaurant, in a beautiful place, you should go there. You will not be disappointed, I am almost certain.
Also the service is very welcoming and very kind.

It has become one of my favorites places.

Adress :  19 avenue Kléber,  75116 Paris 



Sorry for the pictures, I took them with my phone. Next time I will take better ones.


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