Facts about me part 2


Hello, It has been a long time since I am not present on my blog, and I am sincerely sorry for that.

I have decided to reveal more facts about me as I saw that you enjoyed my first post.
So I let you discover me a bit more :

– Paris is my favourite city.

– I am going to integrate the fashion school Istituto Marangoni in Paris in the coming school year.

– I have a very poor eyesight.

– I can hardly stand air conditioner.

– Being on my phone when I wake up is definitely one thing I can not do.

– I do not like street art, It is really not to my taste. However, I acknowledge it is an art that can sometimes be very interesting.

– The painting that has touched me the most is Liberty Leading the People from Delacroix.

– Otherwise, my favourite painter is Monet. I really like the Impressionism’s movement.

– I have never been on a motorcycle, and I think I will never be.

– I do not turn on the notifications of any of my networks on my phone.

– I love France from the bottom of my heart.

– In general, I do not forget faces I meet.

– I bite into my ice cream when I eat it.

– I love salmon roe. When I was small, I used to call them “sweets”.

– I always have a problem with my phones. Besides, I have never managed to keep one more than seven months.

– Sometimes I like spending time alone.

– I like finishing my meals with a fruit.

– My favourite author is Albert Camus. I have read The Stranger three times.

– I love writing letters and receiving some.

– I have been wearing the same perfume for seven years now: Chloé by Chloé.

– Every night before going to bed, I read.

– Every morning I watch the news.

– I always keep myself informed of what is happening in the world, and also in the fashion industry.

– Carla Bruni is a kind of muse for me.

– I am very sensitive to cold.

– During winter I mainly wear turtlenecks and long coats.

– I do not like wearing denim shorts.

– Before eating anything in the morning, I have to drink a glass of water.

– I love large breakfasts.

– I do not like sparkling water.

– Material things do not impress me.



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