Facts about me

Hey everyone, I thought that maybe it would be fun if I tell you a bit more about me.

 I wrote just little simple facts about me.

I still remain a discreet person so I did not want to reveal myself too much.

 Let’s start :

– I have two names : Loulwa and Clémentine. My family calls me Loulwa, but at school I am known as Clémentine.
– Loulwa is an arabic name that means pearl.
– I am half French and Japanese.
– I unfortunately do not speak Japanese.
– I like cooking and I know how to make makis.
– I have five dogs and two cats.
– I am about to do my hunting license.
– The fashion industry fascinates me.
– I like taking care of myself (choose the right outfit, take the time to do my makeup etc)
– Nature and classic music allow me to escape.
– The digits on my phone number represent my birthday.
– If I see blood or a needle, I pass out.
– I really like politic. Besides, if I would not have my passion for fashion, I would do politic.
– I love reading.
– The respect of the Environnement is really important for me.
– I am obsess with Harry Potter (the books and the movies).
– I am a sincere person.
– I love spending time with my family and my friends.
– I love laughing.
– I hate being underestimated.
– Marion Cotillard and Pierre Niney are my favorite actors.
– I do not like to waste my time.
– I can not drink from the same bottle of others.
– I find “meme accounts” on Instagram  funny.
– I could live one month retreating in a quiet place only if it is at my country house.
– I love Disney movies, it makes me feel back in childhood.
– I do not call others bad words even if they annoy me.
– For me, coffee is undrinkable.
– I love watching movies, especially classic movies.
– I am not capable of looking at veins on wrist. It makes me (really) anxious.
– I do not like avocado.
– I can not touch snails, it disgusts me.
– When I see people biting their nails it stresses me out.
– If you tell a lie about me, you have nothing to do in my life.
– I can not eat spicy food.
– Fall is my favorite season.
– I love picking and trying different chocolates flavors.
– I am crazy about flowers and my favorites are peonies.

And you, what are your facts ?

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