The other day, I was sitting outside at my country house, facing the forest, when the night began to fall. There was only the sound of birds. I realized at this moment how nature is well done and how beautiful it is.

I looked around me and I also realized how good I felt. I felt completely cut off from the stress of the world. I had forgotten all the problems and miseries of our society, I was far from them. I realized then how lucky I am and that I don’t often take time to appreciate things I have.

We tend to always complain, to always want more and that’s human but we then tend to abuse and to place secondary things before primaries.

There is so much misery on this planet that affects us all directly or indirectly. We have to appreciate what we have and to be thankful.

Nature allows me to escape, and to « recharge » myself.
When I am in a quiet place without any Human inventions around me, I find myself alone, cut off from the world and I feel so good. And I sincerely think that we all need this sometimes, to cut off from the world.

This post is a bit confused I know, but I just want you to think twice and appreciate things you have, realize all the beauty in nature and escape through it.

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