El Gouna


I love Egypt. It is probably my dad who has transmitted me his love for this country.
People are really kind, and we find a so good energy there.

El Gouna was built in the desert only a few years ago. This magnificent place is located just north of Hurghada on the west coast of the Red Sea.
At one hour of plane from Cairo and a short flight from Europe, it is the perfect destination to have a rest and enjoy some good times.

El Gouna offers a beautiful setting, with its azure waters. It is a town of 24.000 residents,that spreads across islands and lagoons. It is very well maintained and offers a wide variety of activities, entertainment, with exciting nightlife.
For instance, if you are a kitsurf’s amateur, El Gouna has a real potential. For the divers, the most beautiful reefs and wrecks of the Red Sea offer themselves to you, and for the golfers, magnificent golf courses are in El Gouna. Then if you want to relax: spas, fitness gyms, clubs, and other numerous places of entertainment are at your disposal.

There, we have the impression that everyone knows each other.  It is then very easy to meet new people.

I adore this place, it is an ideal destination to have a rest and to renew its spirit. The atmosphere is very pleasant. It is a real paradise.

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