5 things you do in the countryside

During my holidays, I went to the French countryside. In october, I find that it is a particularly pleasant moment to be there.

Often, people ask me what do I do when I am there. So I thought, I would give you some ideas. As you can imagine there is not too much to do. But for me, the countryside is an environment where you come to take a rest, to recharge yourself. In addition, when I am there, I do not do anything special, a part from things that I appreciate.


During fall, the forest offers us an absolutely magnificent setting. An impressionist painting isight in front of  us. It is a charm that reveals itself, an enchanting beauty. We feel ourselves so peaceful in the middle of the trees, with the birds’ song as only sound. The colors are very beautiful, we have a palette of orange-yellow, red. It is a real pleasure for the eyes. As far as I am concerned I feel good in this element, stronger.

A walk in the forest seems to be ideal for enjoying nature, and tranquility.


I love reading. Every time I am in the countryside, I read a lot every day. I find it amazing to immerse into a story, imagine the characters, and feel all sorts of emotions. Moreover, the vision of certain authors, can make us think, and gives us a different interpretation of things, which is, I think, very interesting. I also think that reading allows to escape.

And the fireplace, once the fire is lit, there is like a magic that settles down and transforms the ordinary. The small crunches, the natural warmth, the living fire, and the smell of countryside, put you in a warm atmosphere.

Lying comfortably in front of a fireplace, with a good book in hand, is a real pleasure.


Enjoy being in the countryside to cook good seasonal dishes. If you do not really have any knowledge in this area then this is a good time to start. It’s important to know how to cook.

Go for a walk in the forest to pick some mushrooms, there is full of porcini mushrooms at this time of year. Then cook them!


Comfortably sitting on a sofa, with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, according to your preferences, and a good movie, puts you in such a good mood. It is an enjoyable, relaxing moment and a way to think of nothing apart from the movie.


And finally, sleep !

It is necessary and important to have a good rest.

When I am in the countryside, I go to bed early and sometimes take a nap to catch my sleep. It is such a peaceful place for really enjoying it. We evacuate stress, get ready for the return to work and all this smoothly.

If you fancy a weekend away from the world, you know that the countryside is a perfect place that offers you a beautiful, gentle landscape.

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